Legislation to Reward Mechanical Insulation Use Must Move Forward

The Mechanical Insulation Industry Professionals fully support the use of mechanical insulation in new construction and existing systems for all industrial, commercial, medical, educational and residential uses. After all, research shows time and time again that mechanical insulation is the one component of any project that immediately begins paying for itself as soon as a properly insulated system is activated.

A group of well-meaning U.S. Congress members have it completely right with their legislation that would provide a tax incentive for the installation and maintenance of mechanical insulation.

U.S. House Resolution 2866 and U.S. Senate Bill 1526, “Mechanical Insulation Installation Incentive Act of 2011,” propose to amends the Internal Revenue Code to allow the additional tax deduction for the cost of installing mechanical insulation.

Clearly, supporters of this legislation understand the many advantages of properly applying mechanical insulation to mechanical systems. Mechanical insulation saves money and energy, helps the environment and helps maintain systems and keeps them running their best.

The bills are continuations of the “Mechanical Insulation Installation Incentive Act of 2009” and are, unfortunately, sitting in committee, much like its predecessors.

MIIP would like to see Congress act upon this important legislation and make it law — so that the responsible construction industry that recognizes the advantages of mechanical insulation can be better encouraged and rewarded to use properly installed mechanical insulation.

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