T-Tubes Technology Provide Additional Benefits in Mechanical Insulation

Many member contractors with Mechanical Insulation Industry Professionals are realizing the benefits of T-Tubes, which is an advanced tube-and-pipe insulation system specifically developed for process lines and equipment in cleanroom environments. MIIP contractors are becoming educated in its best use and installation to best serve our customers by providing this option for mechanical insulation.

T-Tubes save time and money while doing an exceptional job, MIIP contractors are discovering, because they require no jacketing and have a temperature range of -112°F to 320°F (-80°C to 160°C). With a wall thickness of only 1/4 inches, they also save space and allow for insulating areas that cannot be covered using existing methods.

T-Tubes are the only insulation in the world that is compliant with Factory Mutual (FM) Approvals 4910 standard for cleanroom materials. They have also successfully completed FM’s 4924 Pipe Chase Flammability Test. Click here to see the technical data.

With a focus on the safety, cost and environmental benefits of mechanical insulation, MIIP sees T-Tubes as a true solution for many applications. Importantly, they provide critical protection for personnel working around hot processing lines in the biotechnology, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics and food and beverage industries.

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