Article Promotes Insulating Steam and Hot Water Pipes to Save Energy

An article in a recent Insulation Outlook, the magazine of the National Insulation Association, examines the “many opportunities” that exist for energy savings in institutional buildings that use district heating systems.

The article notes that typically, “there are many heat distribution pipe components left either uninsulated or partially insulated. If you can walk into a mechanical or boiler room and see bare steel on operational heat distribution pipe and equipment components, then thermal energy is being wasted.”

As MIIP has constantly and consistently maintained in its messages, the article states: “This thermal energy waste can be corrected simply by insulating those bare components.”

The article sites a study that found insulating these components has been predicted to comprise 8 percent of buildings’ total fuel use for heating. “Payback periods of less than 1 year, and even as short as several months, are common when insulating these previously bare components,” the study found.

As the article concludes, MIIP also¬†recommends that mechanical designers and facility owners/operators survey their mechanical rooms and boiler rooms for bare pipe components and equipment. Just as the study’s author states, MIIP recommends using removable/reusable insulation blankets for these components.

Click here to read the article: Saving Energy by Insulating Pipe Components on Steam and Hot Water Distribution Systems


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