MIIP is a Big Fan of The ISAVE Team — A Mechanical Insulation Winner

Much like MIIP acts locally, the ISAVE Team, a consortium of mechanical insulation specialty contractors, works to promote the mechanical insulation industry throughout Canada and the United States.  Importantly, ISAVE promotes the proper installation and use of mechanical insulation and firestops along with the removal of asbestos- and lead-containing materials.

And just like MIIP touts, ISAVE also recognizes that insulation is the original green technology.

ISAVE, as well as MIIP, strives to be a source of mechanical insulation information — data that proves the value of insulation. Some iSAVE Team members even offer energy audits through the National Insulation Association Insulation Energy Appraisal Program.

What’s more, the contractors that are associated with ISAVE are true industry professionals; the ISAVE group of contractors offer highly skilled project management, just like MIIP, to provide highly skilled, safety-trained, drug-tested and ready-to-work employees who can perform all tasks relating to mechanical insulation in any facility.

Key to the ISAVE Team, as with MIIP, is workforce training — ensuring contractors and employees are capable of performing mechanical insulation and firestopping in commercial, industrial, institutional, hospital and high-rise facilities.

In the end, just like MIIP, the ISAVE Team offers quality project management, superior value, and a safe and under budget project.

Colleges Can Do More to Be Green, Save Money: INSULATE

Colleges all over the Northeast have Sustainability Offices now … and it is a great effort in helping these campuses map out a green and sustainable energy future.

There is no doubting that these offices have been able to get their respective colleges on the road to meeting earth-friendly goals — and even, perhaps, score higher marks on The College Sustainability Report Card.

But, for example, Brown University was one of only seven schools to earn an “A” on their Sustainability Report Card … the school’s successful efforts were accomplished in large part because Brown requires that new construction must meet LEED Silver standards, at a minimum, and the school has conducted several adaptive re-use projects. For the report on Brown’s efforts, click here.

To improve these scores, colleges need to implement — at the behest of their students and sustainability offices — construction requirements in which INSULATION must be a key component to realize true energy and cost savings … because the sustainability advantages of mechanical insulation are many. Research proves that there is no better or quicker return-on-investment than that from insulation in construction and there is nothing greener than insulating!

For research data on the many environmental and budget advantages of mechanical insulation, click here.

MIIP Will Enhance Insulation Industry in New England

Perhaps the most striking feature of the Mechanical Insulation Industry Professionals (MIIP) is that it is a labor-management organization, so it involves a unique dynamic in which contractors — the management — and their insulation workforce — the labor — work together for a common goal.

The singular mission is an important one, especially in today’s day and age where saving money and protecting the environment are paramount in industry, education, construction, commercial and just about any industry.

This collaboration will produce best practices in the New England  region’s insulation industry … because MIIP members are dedicated to ensuring contractors and insulation technicians are the very best prepared to handle any commercial, industrial, bio-tech, medical or higher-educational facility insulation project. This is accomplished through TRAINING and INDUSTRY STANDARDS and REGULATIONS.

What’s more, MIIP will EDUCATE those who make decisions about construction and the general public, to show them how insulation saves money and is the greenest construction product available, among many other advantages. To learn more, click here.

And visit the MIIP website constantly for updates, news and research on the organization and the insulation industry.