D.C. Mechanical Insulation Industry Showcase A Positive Exhibition of M.I. Benefits

Back in October, the insulation industry proponents and members held the first-ever Mechanical Insulation Industry Showcase in the Rayburn House Office Building on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.

Showcase participants illustrated the functions and benefits of mechanical insulation, and Mechanical Insulation Design Guide Simple Calculators demonstrated how easily mechanical insulation’s benefits can be quantified, as the Mechanical Insulation Industry Professionals consistently tout.

The Showcase was sponsored by House Manufacturing Caucus Co-Chairs Representatives Don Manzullo (R-IL) and Tim Ryan (D-OH), also original cosponsors of the Mechanical Insulation Installation Incentive Act (HR2866/SB1526), the passage of which MIIP fully supports.

After his introduction, Rep. Manzullo praised HR2866 and the Montana Insulation Assessment Pilot Program. He pointed out that the bill will “help the commercial and industrial sectors invest in mechanical insulation and create much-needed jobs in one of the hardest-hit industries.”

HR2866/SB1526 would create up to a 30 percent tax deduction to encourage commercial and industrial entities — like manufacturing facilities, office buildings, schools, hospitals, power plants, hotels, and universities — to go beyond minimum mechanical insulation requirements in new construction and retrofit projects and increase their maintenance activities.

Conservative estimates indicate that over a 5-year implementation period, this legislation could save $35 billion, reduce 170 million metric tons of CO2, and create more than 25,000 jobs for skilled craftsmen in all 50 states within weeks or months, not years. While similar incentives have been developed for walls, roofing, windows, lighting, and other energy efficiency options, there are no existing tax incentives tailored for mechanical insulation.

For more information about the Mechanical Insulation Installation Incentive Act, visit www.insulation.org/mimi.


State of Montana Institutes Public Buildings Energy-Saving Program

With insulation as a key component, the Montana State Buildings Energy Conservation (SBEC) Program reduces operating costs in state facilities, including Montana universities and community colleges. Cost effective energy efficiency projects in state-owned buildings are identified, investigated and funded. Annual energy savings are anticipated to be nearly $2 million and 430,000 MMBTU.

MIIP believes a similar program should be adopted by New England-region states, in which public funds are tight and simple, environmentally friendly ways of saving money need to be instituted. MIIP knows that insulation is the one system of any building that starts paying for itself once it is implemented.

In the Montana state program, the resulting energy savings are captured and used to repay the investment. Montana will expand this existing program and fund about 60 projects identified through energy audits and approved by the 2009 Montana Legislature. Data on energy use will be collected before and after the energy conservation building retrofits.

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